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Going Beyond the Frame


Hey there! I'm John Beat, a music producer based in Switzerland, and I'm thrilled to share my musical journey with you.

It all started in 2018 when I received a Launchpad from Novation as a Christmas gift. Initially, my intention was to create simple light shows, inspired by the incredible performances I had seen on YouTube. However, fate had something else in store for me. As I unwrapped the package, I stumbled upon a free license for the music program "Live." Driven by curiosity, I downloaded the software and inadvertently fell headfirst into the world of music production.

While I initially aspired to become a hip-hop producer, my path took an exciting turn when I discovered the electrifying realm of EDM. Back then, my studio consisted of nothing more than a comfy beanbag, a trusty laptop, and a modest music box that filtered out low and high frequencies. Armed with these humble tools, I crafted my first songs, relying on the resources provided by Live and an assortment of samples.

Over time, my passion deepened, and on my birthday, I received my first plug-in: a synthesizer. With this valuable addition, I ventured into the realm of creating melodies and chords, experimenting with drawing notes without the aid of a MIDI keyboard.

Crafting a remarkable track requires a multitude of elements to come together harmoniously. It involves finding the perfect sounds, meticulously tweaking them, composing captivating basslines, arranging ideas with precision, and creating grooves that effortlessly make the listener dance. The process is ever-evolving, and the learning never ceases. That's what makes this journey endlessly exciting and full of growth.

Am I satisfied with where my music stands today? Far from it. I'm constantly pushing boundaries, refining my skills, and exploring new possibilities. And I would be delighted to have you join me on this musical adventure.

So, let's embark on this extraordinary journey together, discovering new sounds, pushing creative limits, and striving for greatness. Thank you for being a part of my story, and I can't wait to share the next chapter with you.

Warm regards,

John Beat

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